Featured Artisan for The Jewelry Tribe X Toucan Krafte Collection




Due to Sunita's family's financial situation, she had to stop studying at 6th grade; got married at the age of 15 and had Suhaani soon after (her daughter pictured here :) ) Her husband is a helper at a furniture shop and their primary source of income was inadequate to keep up with expenses. Whilst Sunita tried to supplement their income by helping as a maid, this was shortlived as she was pregnant once again with Rohan. (Not pictured here as he was out playing in the fields!)

Sunita found out about the beading group within the community that Toucan Krafte founded and although she had no experience with jewelry, she completed the training program and soon began to excel in beaded jewelry and crafts. The fair wage she earns has enabled her to help support her family, pay for the monthly house rental, and afford to send both her kids to school! Sunita now teaches craft skills to other women in her community, further expanding hope and opportunity in her community.