Resin Revolution : Fiesta Skinny Ring
Resin Revolution : Fiesta Skinny Ring

Resin Revolution : Fiesta Skinny Ring

Regular price SGD60.00

This unique skinny Resin ring features 4-6 multi layers of coloured foil. Measuring 4cm by 1cm. Weight <3g. 

SKINNY ELEGANZA. The perfect Skinny Ring for the understated chic.

P.S: This ring can be fully customised based on the colours available, just drop me an email ( and we can make it #WERK! I would highly suggest NOT adding more than 6 options as it would be difficult to see the impact given the size. 

Also, if you are not too sure which size would fit you best; do drop me an email with a photo of your fingers so we can look at options!

If no email is received after the order is placed, Purple/Lilac/Matte Green/Gold/Black would be utilized. 

P.P.S : Each ring created is absolutely unique and textured; its a F I E S T A! The rings are fully adjustable, it sits at a US size 7 before any adjusting. It will also take 2 whole days to create the ring from start to finish, hence do keep in mind lead times. 

Available Colours:

  1. Navy Blue
  2. Red
  3. Matte Green
  4. Purple
  5. Lilac
  6. Peach
  7. Orange Citrine
  8. Silver
  9. Gold
  10. Gold/Silver - two colour foil
  11. Gold/Black - two colour foil