Sizing Chart : Rings

Your ring should fit comfortably and be able to slide over your knuckle with moderate pressure. 

Your finger size could vary throughout the day due to a number of elements including the time of day, food consumption, exercise, environment and a variety of other conditions. 

RECOMMENDATION: Size your finger at two different times of day (preferably during mid-afternoon and at night as your hands swell throughout the day). 

Option 1: 

We highly recommend to use a string or dental floss to measure around the base of your chosen finger. Use a pen/marker to indicate the point on the string where the end meets. Use a millimeter ruler to measure the string. If you are in-between sizes do size up!

Measurement (mm) US Ring Size
49.3 5
51.8 6
54.4 7
56.9 8
59.5 9
62.1 10
64.6 11
67.2 12
69.7 13
72.3 14


Option 2 : Place a ring that fits the intended finger you are shopping for on each circle. The black circle should trace the inside of your ring OR if you have an existing ring that fits you perfectly, you could also measure the inside diameter of this ring. This is for US sizing.

 Rings sold on The Jewelry Tribe utilize US sizing